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God has taken Sheila around the globe: 

church to church,  business to business,  nation to nation.

 Many confirm she walks in the five-fold ministry.

 Sheila does not use a title because all believers are Ambassadors for Christ and our Father guides our steps.

He introduces her before she arrives, provides what is required, fills her as an empty vessel while she is in the midst of the multitude on each continent. He sends her as an apostle and prophet.

He orchestrates all arrangements for her to preach, teach, and evangelize.

 People attending the meetings & conferences often hear the LORD speaking through her in their own language without a human translator present. In fact, they say her preaching and conference sessions are like watching someone walk out of the bible, share with them for a while and then go right back in the bible, aka continuing upon her faith journey in HIStory. 

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Seminars and Conferences by Inviation; Confirmed after Prayer

Seminars and Conferences are by invitation; Confirmed after Prayer.


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It's A Faith Walk!                       Filled with Faith to Fulfill Upon Purpose & Plan

God's Storehouse Principle      Functioning in the Storehouse

God's Storehouse Principle Workbook    Return to Father's Storehouse Plan

God's Currency     Operating in Father's Currency; Separate from the World

A Wake Up Call: It's Restoration Time!    Truth to Restore & Proceed Upon Life Plan

In Search of Wigglesworth 7-day journey guided by Father; Truth: Restoration vs. Revival

In One Accord        Unity per Father's WORD

A Peculiar People   Discipleship of Peculiar People by Peculiar People

Always Speak Life  Praying, knowing we are with Christ here and in heaven

Christmas                Truth, Hidden since 300 AD

Nation Restoration Truth Revealed: Plan against us, our finances & credit, and economy 

For The Sake Of America       America Is In Trouble...Root Problems & Promises Are Revealed

For The Sake Of America II    Ancient & Current Roots Revealed

For The Sake Of America III   God's Trumpet Call To America!

For The Sake Of America IV  God's Trump Card Revealed! 

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